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A server entirely under your control...

Axess communications offers a wide range of servers in a dedicated environment.

The rental of one or more of our dedicated servers assures you exclusivity of the server as well as management and control. No other client has access to your server. It is entirely dedicated to you.

When do you need a dedicated server?

Several factors can influence the choice between a shared server and a dedicated server. The hosting of a web site containing few pages can be done very well on a shared server, by choosing a plan corresponding to your needs in our Web site hosting section.

However, a web site requiring more complete resources on the level of security and performance should be hosted on a dedicated server or a virtual dedicated server.

Our bandwidth...

Our data center offers highly evolved bandwidth and unequalled output. The flexibility of our bandwidth allows you to pay solely for your overall usage while being assured of exceptional performance.

Qualified engineers...

Because the choice of a dedicated server is a very important step in assuring the success or your project, we recommend that you discuss this with a qualified engineer at Axess Communications who will help you find the ideal configurations for your server. Click here to speak with one of our engineers.

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